Couple life

It’s like we’re always stuck in second gear- an open love note for friends

Pardon the random, out of context friends theme song reference I just couldn’t think of anything better!

There’s probably (most definitely) alot of Internet things written about how important friendship is, and this is just another note on how much we love our friends and how important they are to us because we don’t think we say it enough.

Dear friends,

You are so important. You are kind to us when we probably don’t deserve it, always welcoming us with open arms and bottles of lambrini when we need it most. There are days when we can’t face anything but knowing you’re at the side lines cheering for us helps massively, or even on the field trying to drag our asses to the finish line over hurdles.

We value your honesty, resilience and individuality. You’re all really beautiful and badass.

In a city that tries to makes it so hard to connect, and always trying to sieve out marginal communities like ours, here we all are like a big fuck you, cuddling and watching bad TV, making space for each other to speak about whatever we want and helping each other think of solutions, ideas and generally just caring for one another.

We love you so much, our queer lil family. Even if impending adulting gets in the way, scatters us further or keeps us at work til silly o clock, meaning less hang outs or impromptu check ins. we just wanted you to know that we really love you.


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