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Happy Birthday Daley!

Daley: So not really a huge fan of birthdays as they make me sad in all fairness and my mental health deterriates dramatically around the time because of it. I tend to keep some mystery around it, telling people after knowing they’ll forget within the next year. Since being with Natalie shes showed me that its a day I should show some appreciation for myself and things I have acheived in the last year (so basically new years for the second time in a year).

This year to start with has been hard on both of us. Relationships with friends have become non existent and we are currently going through a lot to regain stability within our enviornment so best thing for Natalie to plan 3 months ahead of time?



Between the both of us Natalie has always been better at keeping surprises I on the other hand get super excited and am unable to contain them “/. So after informing me on Wednesday as the airport was our next destination after work and a few drinks to see it in we were tackling the journey to the airport feeling cold and looking fabulous!

Anywhos since being in a relationship with a loving partner in its entirety my approach to birthdays have changed – there are no real down points and I look forward to just being able to spend time with loved ones 🙂


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