Couple life

Starting over.

Daley and I have had a rough 2016 so far, but who hasn’t? So much has happened this year already not just to us but things like childhood idols dying, Brexit, even more horrific violence against POC and QTPOC and the list only goes on and continues and gets more head swirlingly awful.

We’ve had a lot of back and forth between ourselves about things that have happened to us personally and feelings we have about the larger picture. 2016 has made racists and homophobes and general dickheads think it’s okay to be more open with their nastiness. Everything is making us feel like we’re drowning in sadness, barely head above the tide but we’re still holding on frantically to slithers of hope and light. We’re trying to remember where we can find joy in all of this.

We’re still recovering from our personal losses and trauma but also the mass black/queer trauma that we’re having to witness on a larger scale.  We’ve been in our new place, surviving; and recovering,  for just over 2 months now. It’s been everything we needed- a space we can claim as our own and just be.

All of the folx we have the priviledge to know in our lives have been endless wells of love and strength for us.

This post is kind of just us saying we’re hurting I guess, but also that we’re trying the best we can to do some sort of healing.

black lives matter. queer black lives matter. femme black lives matter. non binary black lives. disabled black lives. we matter. you matter.


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