We met on OKCupid at some point in 2014 (the when is debatable between us) passing a few messages back and forth until Daley decided to ditch the internet, but by some weird and wonderful coincidence found each other through Tumblr again. Starting off with just one or two tumblr mail every so often, realising we had so much in common, laughing constantly at each others bad jokes and teenage fashion decisions before we knew it, it had turned into texting as soon we woke up and last thing at night and talking about the past, the future and dreams. We finally decided to meet and haven’t stopped hanging out since basically.

Natalie is a black queer femme sparkly gemini fatty who and Daley is a dandy black non binary marshmallow. We’re both working class, mentally ill, fun loving, illustrators and just trying to figure out how to crack adulting whilst being in a relationship and learning more about each other and wanderlusting (we have big plans to travel everywhere!). So where are we now?  Living in domestic chaos in London, working 4 jobs between us tryna make life happen whilst looking awesome doing it.

We thought a QPOC blog might help us measure where we’ve been and where the fuck we’re going (and somewhere to put pictures when we’re feeling ourselves).




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